CRE Review - March 2017
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CRE Review - March 2017

March 2017

Tweak the Environment: Behavioural Design as a Catalyst for Change

Behaviour = motivation + ability + a trigger.
Behavioural design is a methodology that seeks to use space design to drive specific behaviour(s). Find out how scientists are using tools and techniques to help simplify human behaviour, and how designers are planning around behavior and shaping it.

Commuting the Commute

Employees at the biotechnology giant Genentech, receive $4/day if they don't drive to work alone. Genentech's employee commuting program, the collective system of buses, bikes, shuttles, and carpools known as gRide has saved 100 million driving miles since its inception in late 2006.

Are you ready for the inevitability of automation?

That the automation of corporate real estate functions is happening quickly is not earthshattering news. But to keep your own world from falling apart, you'll need to approach new technologies with clarity, flexibility, and a sense of purpose.

What's the deal with coworking?

Despite its impressive growth, coworking still represents less than 1 percent of global office space and will likely continue to be just a sliver of the overall industry for years to come. This dichotomy – in which coworking is both the hottest trend and a niche market – can present a dilemma for CRE executives. Is coworking something you should ignore or explore?

CRE: Strategic and Leadership Challenges

The globalization of commerce finds CRE leaders operating in an increasingly complex environment as corporations face both national and international competition. Corporate real estate management (CREM), as a relatively new management discipline, has advanced a wide variety of theories and models that seek to explain the practice of CREM leadership, strategy, and performance management.