CRE Review - January 2017
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CRE Review - January 2017

January 2017

Does the Design of Your Workplace Enable Productivity?

In 2010, Leesman set out to answer this question by creating a wholly independent benchmarking tool that could measure the effectiveness of workspace based on the views of the employee. Over the past six years, Leesman has amassed a database of responses from over 190,000 employees worldwide in over 1,650 buildings. The Leesman Index is now the largest database of its kind, allowing workplace, corporate real estate and FM professionals to access data that can help inform their workplace strategies.

Old HVACs Learn New Tricks at Microsoft

Commercial buildings consume 40 percent of the world’s energy, with HVAC systems devouring 35 to 80 percent of these kilowatts and costs. Until now, getting a bird’s-eye view of how all that energy is being used was next to impossible. But, at some of Microsoft’s largest campuses, a cloud-based software platform enables every HVAC component on a Microsoft campus to deliver near real-time data to centralized dashboards for unprecedented views into the entire HVAC system.

this information is for members only Annual Compensation Survey

CoreNet Global is pleased to present the 2016 CoreNet Global End User Compensation Survey. This survey is designed to provide internal corporate real estate professionals with competitive compensation levels and current information regarding the design, features, and administration of compensation programs. In particular, this report provides information for three major facets of compensation: base salary, annual incentive award value, and long-term incentive award value for 10 positions commonly found in internal CRE organizations.

(Note: the report is free to Corporate Partner members only; and available for a nominal fee to other members and nonmembers)

Spotlight on lease accounting: Act now on new FASB standards

On February 25, 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) released Topic 842, which defines the new standard that requires that all leases be recorded on the balance sheet as a “right-of-use” asset and lease liability. This new standard is effective for the first accounting period after December 15, 2018. This will apply to publicly traded corporations, not-for-profit entities that have issued a conduit bond, or a company with an employee benefits plan that files financial statements with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).