CRE Review - April 2016
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CRE Review - April 2016

April 2016

Are Your Building-Control Systems Secure Against Cyberattacks?: Building-control systems with embedded communications technology – and those enabled via an Internet Protocol (IP) address – provide critical services that allow a building to meet the functional and operational needs of occupants. Unfortunately, they also can be easy targets for hackers and people with malicious intent .…  Read the full article >>>  

How State Street Defines ‘Workplace of the Future’: The key decision in moving to State Street’s Workplace of the Future model was identifying and acting on the desire to make State Street’s operational real estate more efficient. In older design models, State Street had allocated approximately 175 square feet (16.2 sq. m.) per desk and kept occupancy rates at 70%. Very quickly, State Street management realized that through better design and increased active management of its portfolio, it could increase seating density to less … Read the full article >>> 

Smart Cities in India: The corporate real estate (CRE) profession has been talking about smart cities for some time, so with the Government of India now engaged and moving toward a smart city agenda, the corporate real estate world is poised for exciting times in India. India’s focus during this period of rapid growth, is to address quality of life and ensure that urban residents have access to modern utilities and amenities, which provide necessary infrastructure for inevitable urban growth. Through the use of technology, and informational data, India’s smart cities will look to utilize solar energy systems, expanded electronic banking, mobile phone services, and the internet to support the expansion of a smart city agenda. To learn more about India’s smart city agenda Read the full article >>>    

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