CRE Review - December 2015
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CRE Review - December 2015

December 2015

Biophilic Design – A Natural Next for Workplace Interiors:  Workplace wellness – it’s an issue that those of you in corporate real estate and your colleagues have been hearing about and grappling with for more than a decade. Bubbling up more recently is an equally compelling issue, workplace wellbeing…  Read the full article >>>

Office Temperatures – Getting Closer to Pleasing Almost Everyone: Earlier this year, Dutch scientists elicited some resounding “I told you so’s” from women the world over after releasing their findings on office workers’ metabolic rates and standards used to set indoor temperatures.   Read the full article >>>

The Iran Nuclear Deal – Is it a Good Deal for Corporate Real Estate? 
At the time of writing, the US Congress is debating the merits of a landmark deal between Iran and Western Nations (Germany and the United Security Council’s five permanent nations, United States, Britain, China, France and Russia).  Read the full article >>>    

Five Things Q&A:
What are the Five Things that you are most proud of accomplishing in 2015, personally or professionally? Read the Q&A >>>