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CoreNet Global launches new Knowledge Community model

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February 11, 2013

CoreNet Global launches new Knowledge Community model

As a growing global association that represents the diverse interests of more than 7,800 corporate real estate and related professionals globally, CoreNet Global is committed to adding value for all of our members in meaningful ways that impact the greater good of the profession. As stewards of our members' dues contributions, we are always striving to align our ambitious strategic priorities with our limited resources and have engaged members and various Community Leadership to help us design a new model and path forward for Community engagement, focus, leadership and support.

The amount of volunteer time that has gone into bringing our Communities to life is immense, and we thank all of the many volunteer leaders who have taken their professional passions, expertise and interests and turned them into meaningful platforms for formal and informal networking and knowledge exchange. We plan to build on that with a new organizational model that elevates the community platform even further and puts a renewed focus on knowledge creation and industry thought leadership.

Knowledge creation is the original foundation upon which our Communities were built and will enable us to enhance the dialogue and content networking experiences we all seek through our association. It will also bolster the ability for us to share that knowledge with the broader membership in a way that truly strengthens our value proposition.

The new board-approved model will be structured as follows:


  • A Knowledge Advisory Panel (KAP) will be formed for each of our five Knowledge Communities (Manufacturing & Industrial, Strategic Facility Management, Strategy & Portfolio Planning, Sustainability and Workplace). Members interested in serving on these panels as subject matter experts for our coming fiscal year (4/1/13 - 3/31/14) will be asked to complete and submit an application form by March 8, 2013


  • The KAPs will formulate and drive the focus of the Knowledge Communities with board-level support and engagement.


  • The Board of Directors will form a Knowledge Community Task Force to review KAP applicants, select the panel members and determine which KAP projects and initiatives can be resourced, funded and tackled in each fiscal year. This will include setting research agendas, webinar programming, content development, knowledge distribution, events, etc.


  • Networking, informal discussions and idea exchange will continue to be a vital part of our Knowledge Community structure and we will continue to provide those opportunities in a variety of ways annually.


  • Each fall, a dedicated networking time will be provided for each Knowledge Community at our North American Global Summit. All content for Global Summits in North America, EMEA and Asia will be submitted through the Call for Proposals process and will be considered along with all other submissions. Any member of a Knowledge Community can submit content for consideration through this process.


  • In lieu of administrative-level support, CoreNet Global will hire a full-time, experienced research staff member to fully manage and support the Knowledge Communities through the KAPs.  


  • Funding generated through members selecting a Knowledge Community affiliation through their  membership dues payment will be allocated directly to help fund any projects developed  through the  KAPs.


  • The Memorandums of Understanding between CoreNet Global and the Communities will be terminated in favor of this new model, bringing the Knowledge Communities into the core of the organization as a shared platform experience. This announcement serves as notice of this decision.

We believe this is the right strategic approach that will bring tangible and intangible benefits to those most actively engaged in our Knowledge Communities, the valued partners who support that engagement and the membership at large. To get involved, download the Knowledge Advisory Panel application form or contact Tim Venable, CoreNet Global VP of Knowledge at 

Click here to download the Knowledge Advisory Panel Nomination Form.

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