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Consider donating to Japan response efforts

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March 16, 2011

While you should do your own research and donate to the aid organization(s) that you find most appropriate, the following groups already have manpower on the ground and are seeking financial support for their relief activities:
CNN provides some guidelines to consider when seeking to assist victims in Japan.

If your community has a sister city in Japan, contacts and relationships developed through that program may be a good way to learn about specific recovery needs and the best way to respond. Find out whether your community has a sister city relationship with a community in Japan through Sister Cities International.

Start a conversation - if it's not occurring already - about disaster preparedness in your own community. No place is immune from natural or manmade disasters and their subsequent toll on human lives, infrastructure and the economy. After the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, authorities in Japan developed a more reliable warning network, improved infrastructure, re-evaluated building codes, and strengthened disaster preparedness efforts among citizens, businesses and government. As a result, Japan is better prepared for its current challenges than it would have been otherwise. (Source: IEDC)