Knowledge Community Research

Knowledge Community Research

What is the Knowledge Community?

Building on the model of Connect. Learn. Grow. Belong., CoreNet Global's Knowledge Communities provide innumerable opportunities for membership enrichment and knowledge creation.

The CoreNet Global Knowledge Communities are currently conducting research projects on several different fronts. All 5 of the Communities have completed at least one piece of original research over this past year, with several of the Knowledge Communities delivering multiple pieces of content. Links and an overview for these research projects can be found here.

The research initiatives currently taking place vary from an examination of the trends of co-working to well-being in the workplace. These efforts range from multi-year efforts on such broad topics as measuring productivity to rapid reactions to topical issues such as the impact of the US-Iran Nuclear Agreement on commercial real estate. This work is being completed by our members in an effort to further the knowledge base of our profession to keep you ahead of trends and provide insight on important issues affecting corporate real estate.

The Knowledge Communities are also increasing efforts to work more closely with universities to tap into their expertise. Through this work, it is our hope to work on more empirical research which can be accomplished through the knowledge and skill of those already engaged with robust research efforts. It also provides opportunities to develop lines of communication with academia and make our presence known to the next generation of corporate real estate professionals.

A detailed list of the current research projects can be found here. There are also a number of opportunities to get involved with the Knowledge Communities and participate on these exciting research projects.  Let us know if you have a great idea for a topic that you believe should be addressed. The Knowledge Communities have produced a series of “Action Memos” that provide a concise, strategic commentary on a relevant corporate real estate issue.

An overview of the research being conducted within each of the Communities:

  • Sustainability Community
  • Workplace Community
  • Strategic Facilities Management Community
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Community
  • Strategy & Portfolio Planning Community
  • No Specific Community Noted


Current Focus: The research will investigate the trend of Sustainability moving toward overall “wellness” for employees.   For example, Sustainability may now mean clean air, healthy eco-system, living walls and general health-based lifestyle improvements for the Workplace.  This research will look into how we are currently defining Sustainability and how is it evolving from being perceived as purely a building initiative to a societal and employee well-being initiative.

November 2015 - How Well Do You Know Wellness?

December 2015 - A sense of urgency at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

Trends in Outsourcing

Current Focus: Explore trends in outsourcing best practices and how decisions and approaches vary by industry, space type and geography.

April 2015 - Taking a Deeper Look at Outsourcing within Corporate Real Estate

Redevelopment of Brownfields

Current Focus: A topic that impacts many manufacturing & industrial portfolios is that properties are environmentally impacted due to a soil or groundwater contamination situation.

July 2015 - A New Era for Manufacturing?: Changing assumptions about how organisations view manufacturing and supply chains

Business Improvement Indicators

Current Focus: Examine how a “better” workplace correlates with improved business performance.  Take an analytical review of quantitative data to articulate how real estate can positively impact employee engagement and the bottom-line.  This is an ambitious, phased project that aims to help CRE align with business performance.

January 2016 - Too Much Information: The Sharing Economy's Influence on Corporate Real Estate

September 2015 - Literature Review: Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

September 2015 - Executive Summary - Literature Review: Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

March 2014 - Understanding Business Performance Indicators