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Language Translation Disclaimer

The CoreNet Global website uses Google Translation Tools to machine translate pages on this site. Google Translation Tools will allow you to grasp the general intent of the original content, but will not always produce a polished translation. The official text is the English version of the CoreNet Global website. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise concerning the accuracy of the information presented by the translated verison of the website, please refer to the official English version of the website.

CoreNet Global claims no responsibility for accuracy. Because of language complexities, and the possibility of a number of different translations and interpretations of particular words and phrases, there are inherent limitations in machine translations. CoreNet Global therefore recommends that you examine and verify the translation resulting from use of this service, and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy thereof.


How does this service work?
The CoreNet Global website translation service uses the Google Translator to implement the translation. This service is provided free-of-charge by Google. A JavaScript is used to break up the text of the page and send it to the Google translation service, which is then returned in the requested language and is overlaid on top of the English version. The Translator accounts for the grammatical structure of each language and uses rules and assumptions to transfer the grammatical structure of the source language into the translated language.


What browsers work with this service?
The CoreNet Global website translation service currently works on IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and certain versions of Opera.


Why is only part of the webpage translated?
Some items are actually external items being displayed within the current page and therefore cannot be translated using this service. Also, theTranslator rewrites the HTML portions of the page. Certain elements that were created with other programs, such as Flash and images, are not read by the script and will not be translated.