CoreNet Global Summit, Seattle 2017
Seattle | 5 - 7 November 2017 | Washington State Convention Center

Careers Learning Theater - Take Control of Your Career!

November 6 2017 | 1:40 - 2:00

Careers Learning Theater - Take Control of Your Career!

Are you thinking about changing jobs? Gain insight into your next employer’s mindset by discovering their expectations for new hires.   The “Real Estate Employment Cycle” indicates a strong “candidate” market which means qualified CRE professionals are in the driver’s seat! Learn how emerging technologies are affecting the workplace, how and who companies hire, and how CRE professionals look for jobs. Improve your job change chance of success by attending this fascinating session.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain valuable insights from an experienced CoreNet Global Career Center recruiter who understands what companies expect and want in their new hires.
  • Deepen your understanding of how emerging technologies are affecting the workplace and who companies hire.
  • Improve your opportunities for career growth and advancement.