CoreNet Global Summit, London 2017
London | 12-14 September 2017 | Lancaster London

What’s Next for the Contingent Worker?

13 September 2017 | 15:00 - 16:00

What’s Next for the Contingent Worker?

This panel session will assess the proposition that current workspace design is "failing" the part time worker. Offices have been unsuccessful in enticing women back into work and are failing the contingent workforce that use the workplace in a different way. With an ageing population in many EMEA countries, it is imperative that occupiers engage these workers. But the failure of workspace to engage the female workforce is a particular concern. There are numerous policies to attract women back to work, but is it more the issue that the offices do not fit modern lifestyles? This timely session will feature leading case studies from Adecco and Dexus on flexible space and design for the contingent workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Examine the growth of contingent workers, including detailed data outlining the changing demographics among the workforce including female, part-timers.
  • Deepen your understanding of what the office can do to attract and retain contingent workers.
  • Gain perspectives on the latest thinking on design to counter the challenge of staff attraction and retention among this growing segment of workers in part-time roles.