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Emerging Trends LT - What the Data Says About Gender @ Work

October 16, 2018 | 1:00 - 1:20

Emerging Trends LT - What the Data Says About Gender @ Work

In this talk Ben Waber, PhD and CEO will look at how technology and data are playing a rising role in identifying how people work and the hidden communication patterns within organizations.  People analytics is the science of using behavioral data to understand how people work and change how organizations are managed- what if we could use this science to eliminate bias?  What does the data say about how men and women behave at work?  Take a look at the most cutting-edge research in the space, including what happened when we used sensors to compare the work habits of men and women at the world's largest companies.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how people analytics is providing previously unknown insights into how people work.
  • Gain an appreciation of the newest research on gender at work.