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Discovery Forum Overview

What are Discovery Forums?

Discovery Forums are facilitated case-based discussions attended by senior industry leaders, that explore the major challenges facing corporations and how corporate real estate executives and service providers are responding to these challenges.

Approximately 25 Discovery Forums are held around the world each year, covering all major global regions.

Discovery Forum findings form a great deal of the content of CoreNet Global's various learning and education programs. CoreNet Global Corporate and Strategic Partners - organizations that actively participate in generating the knowledge engine of our organization - also participate in the Discovery Forum program and are the first to learn the key findings of the Discovery Forums as each is held.

Participation in Discovery Forums is by invitation only to corporate end users and partners. Click here to learn more about becoming a CoreNet Global partner.

For more information please contact  our Client Relations Team at or Toll Free (U.S. & Canada): +1.866.362.4181 or Tel: +1.303.565.4023.