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2006 Sustainable Leadership Awards

HOK, Herman Miller & Texas Instruments Recognized as Winners of
2006 Sustainable Leadership Awards for Design & Development

2006 Winners at Philadelphia Summit
From left: Award underwriter Ray Dunn (Tandus); Award underwriter Rick Bertasi (JCI); winner Len Pilon (Herman Miller); CoreNet Global CEO Prentice Knight; winner Zane Broadhead (Texas Instruments); winner Bill Valentine (HOK); Lewis Goetz (IIDA) and Muscoe Martin (AIA) gathered on stage in Philadelphia after the recent presentation of the Sustainable Development Awards cosponsored by AIA, IIDA and CoreNet Global. Special thanks to the other award underwriters: Cubellis Partners and Haworth.
Photo by River Rock Marketing

Thanks to Our Award Sponsors
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The Vision:
Sustainable Leadership Awards

As we have become deeply imbedded into a global community, we understand that the decisions we make, relative to our business practices, not only impact our clients and customers, but also our communities, our resources and our environment. This shift suggests that we need a broader definition of corporate social responsibility than has previously been available; one that accommodates a triple bottom line of sustainability (e.g. best practices in social, economic and environmental arenas).

Although sustainability is not a new concern, it is one that has often been uncoupled from an organization's best practices and design excellence. The Sustainable Leadership Awards unite these distinct issues into one: best practices, design and development excellence and sustainable leadership.

In an effort to celebrate the dedication and leadership of those in the design and real estate communities who are committed to these principles, and who have been patiently leading by example, we present the Sustainable Leadership Awards.

  • The International Interior Design Association
  • The American Institute of Architects/Committees on the Environment and Interior Architecture
  • CoreNet Global


The Awards Categories:
  • Architecture and interior architecture/interior design firms
  • For-profit companies with sales over $5 billion, including global/multinationals
  • For-profit companies and enterprises with sales under $5 billion
  • Not-for-profit organizations including both government and private sector organizations