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Presentation: The Benjamin Button Effect: the distinctiveness of economic, political and social evolution in India Members Only
This presentation touches upon the distinctive features of the political, economic and social evolution of India. The facts and narratives are told in a manner that will interest business audiences in particular. Why does India display characteristics that others find difficult to comprehend? Why does India not follow the path taken by other emerging countries? Is India really that different and, if so, why? In its youth, it looks frayed and old and in its ancient traditions, it looks young and fresh—a bit like Benjamin Button!

Presentation: Workplace Strategy in India Members Only
India’s real estate’s long-term potential is wholeheartedly acknowledged by investors across the globe. With the government taking active steps to improve transparency in the sector, investor interest is expected to grow multi-fold in the future. Enterprises, like yours, are devising and implementing workplace strategies to meet business challenges and thrive in a dynamic, competitive marketplace. With a goal to attract the best talent, these strategies must deliver value while ensuring flexibility and innovation.

Research Report: Brazil Corporate Real Estate Report Members Only
A number of factors have landed Brazil in the global spotlight. Certainly, all eyes were on Brazil in 2014 when it hosted the World Cup. And the country is poised to take center stage again when it hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Beyond that, Brazil has garnered corporate attention over the past decade for its economic growth, abundant natural resources and a sizable consumer market with increasing spending power.

Research Report: Africa Ascendant: The Corporate Real Estate Outlook Members Only
Africa: exciting, confusing, exhilarating, intimidating. Africa is one of the largest continents in the world, and its current population of over 1.1 billion is the second largest, after that of Asia’s. It’s also a very diverse continent, made up of over 50 countries, all at various stages of development. From Northern Africa, which is many times not considered to be part of “Africa”, to sub-Saharan Africa, which is how, for most, Africa is defined. (Note: For this report, as far as possible, we are looking at Africa as a whole, including North Africa.)

Presentation: Microsoft Madrid Members Only
A presentation from a CoreNet Global Southern Europe Networking Group event detailing Microsoft's workplace strategy.

Report: CoreNet Global and FPL 2014 End User Compensation Survey [survey report] Members Only
As a service to its Corporate Occupiers (End User members), CoreNet Global is pleased to present the 2014 CoreNet Global Compensation Survey. Sponsored by CoreNet Global and conducted by FPL Associates L.P., this survey is designed to provide internal corporate real estate (CRE) organization professionals with competitive compensation levels and current information regarding the design, features, and administration of compensation programs. In particular, this report provides information for three major facets of compensation: base salary (2014), annual incentive (cash bonus) award value (for calendar/fiscal year 2013), and long-term incentive award value (for calendar/fiscal year 2013) for 19 positions commonly found in internal CRE organizations.

Report: Facing the Millennial Wave Members Only
Business leaders across all industries are asking C&W Global Business Consulting the same question with increasing frequency: “How do we win the war for Millennial talent?” Considering Millennials already make up almost 40% of the workforce and are on pace to hit 75% by 2025, this question is not only important but immediate.

Presentation: The Sustainability Imperative for CRE in India Members Only
There is no question that sustainability is now a fundamental concern affecting long-term value generation and corporate success. Executives understand that how they strategically respond to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect the competitiveness of their organization. The demand for green buildings is increasing, and recent legislation mandating that corporates dedicate two percent of their profits to charitable causes has the potential to have an accelerating effect on this important issue. Discover opportunities to reduce environmental footprints, operating costs, and improve building performance in this critical session. Speakers: Kamal Meattle

Report: JLL Global300: The New Commercial Geography of Cities Members Only
The cities which make up JLL’s latest Global300 account for more than one-third of the world’s economy, along with nearly three-quarters of global real estate investment and over 80% of the world’s prime office stock. We expect the Global300 to represent the bulk of economic and commercial real estate activity over the next decade.

Report: European Occupier Survey 2014/2015 Members Only
CBRE surveyed multinational corporates occupying a combined 200 million sq m of diverse commercial space, to assess their concerns, plans and challenges across a broad range of issues. The respondents represent corporations headquartered mostly across Western Europe and North America. Banking and Finance, Professional Services and Technology and Telecommunications represent the largest sector components.

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