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Report: Winning in Growth Cities 2014/2015 Members Only
After identifying today’s winning cities, the report goes on to look at some of the fundamental drivers of city performance, impacting now or in the near future, and considers how the pattern of winning cities will change and evolve going forward. The final section of the executive summary provides a range of contact points for Cushman & Wakefield Research and Capital Markets globally. New this year, we have highlighted the driving trends and performance indicators of cities for each property sector and each global region – including the Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Retail and Residential sectors, as well as the Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America regions – and presented these in a visual one-page handout, all of which address the question of what makes a winning city.

Presentation: CoreNet – Regard croisés Members Only
"Finance and CRE – a common dialogue" is the theme of this French language presentation. The presentation starts with an overview of the Deloitte 2014 CFO survey which highlights a change to optimism and expected increase in M&A activity. The following portion of the presentation discusses how CRE and finance have common points and can enhance their collaboration to drive more value to the business.

Report: Moving at the Speed of Business
Corporate real estate is more than bricks-and-mortar. Beyond location, logistics, and facilities management, corporate real estate must create solutions and contribute to business success. In fact, corporate real estate has the potential to actually be the solution to a host of competitive business issues. To gain relevancy and a seat at the senior leadership table (and, especially, the ear of the CEO) corporate real estate leaders must broaden their business acumen, demonstrating that they understand the mega-trends of doing business today, as well as how organizations operate, domestically and globally. As one industry insider observed, “In a world that’s more competitive than ever, and with companies focused on cost reduction, cost management, and cost efficiency, corporate real estate needs to show how it can support these objectives in a variety of ways.”

Report: US Occupier Survey: The Corporate View of Sustainability
In its latest client survey, Cushman & Wakefield conducted in-depth interviews with 27 real estate and sustainability directors at 23 leading US-based corporations to determine how being sustainable impacts their corporate real estate (CRE) policies. The feedback and results provide insight into how CRE approaches sustainability and the effect it is having on real estate trends.

Presentation: Changing Supply Chains Impact Effective Site Selections Members Only
As globalization continues to shrink the world and blur boundaries across business development, the issues to consider in exploring new markets, establishing cost-effective distribution centers and containing business costs have become infinitely more complex. For global supply chain management and site selection decision points in this process, risks related to governmental and political issues, rising tariffs, increasing transportation costs, shifting markets and currency rates are highly volatile influencers of success. Responding to these shifting complexities, and to the roadblocks and opportunities they present, is essential for establishing and maintaining a highly-functioning, efficient global supply chain. Speakers: René Buck

Presentation: Sleeping Giants/ Awakening Aging Assets Members Only
Commercial buildings, 30-40 years old, are large, well-known and frequently iconic urban landmarks. They are now struggling to compete against newer more efficient buildings, changing technology, and shifting urban demographics. Cosmetic improvements are the easy, common response. But to achieve lasting competitiveness in today's market, the focus must be on repositioning these aged assets to realize their inherent value potential and achieve increased revenue. Speakers: John Clegg, AIA, LEED AP; David Euscher, LEEP AP; Jamie Flatt, LEED AP; Darrell Kainer

Presentation: Hospitality at the Workplace Members Only
Recent mobility trends have opened the door to make dynamic use of hotel lobbies, hotel rooms and restaurants for meetings, conference calls or simply to work remotely. As the hospitality and corporate real estate worlds continue to fuse, corporate environments should leverage the integration of hospitality design and operational concepts to cater to corporate professionals. Learn about hospitality best practices and how these may be applied in a corporate setting. Speakers: Eva Garza; Randa Tukan

Presentation: PQI-Your New Business Intelligence Platform Members Only
The Portfolio Quality Index (PQI) helps improve efficiency and reduce costs by aligning portfolio alternatives for lease restructuring, dispositions and co-location/consolidation and performance improvement opportunities. Discover how this real-time dashboard technology is both an analytical tool and communication portal to optimize RE portfolio decision making. Speakers: Chris Zlocki

Presentation: Economic Developer's Roundtable Members Only
Join top location strategy experts in a high-level conversation that includes audience Q&A and a peer-to-peer roundtable. This highly popular, interactive format will enable you to connect, learn and participate in discussions with economic development professionals, corporate site selectors and location consultants on today’s critical issues. Be part of the discussion and join us for a session of thought-provoking ideas and knowledge sharing. Speakers: Deane C. Foote, CEcD; Lawrence Moretti; Andrew H. Shapiro; Holly Wiedman

Presentation: GSA Mobility Pilot: Lessons Learned Members Only
Like the private sector, the federal government is trying to reduce its portfolio footprint and better utilize space. GSA boldly used its own 4,500 people headquarters as an aggressive pilot project for the entire Federal government portfolio; and, the results were savings over $24 million annually. The goals achieved were to increase organizational performance, double the capacity, and explore new ways of working. This session will share business performance, workplace strategy, and change management lessons learned that can be used in your own organization. Speakers: Michael Gelber; Charles Hardy, AIA, BArch; Steve Johnson; Janet Pogue McLaurin, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

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