Sizzle And Substance: Creating Brain-Friendly Presentations

Sizzle And Substance: Creating Brain-Friendly Presentations

November 2017

Everyone presents today. We present to our supervisors, our customers, our friends and vendors. We typically give presentations in order to persuade someone to do something. Whether to buy something, influence a decision or change someone’s mind, we are constantly presenting. Unfortunately, most presentations are mind-numbing. Audiences of the past were satisfied with tedious, dreary, dull presentations. Today’s audiences are demanding and sophisticated. They want presentations with relevant, cutting-edge, customized information, active engagement and they want to be entertained. When information is presented in brain-friendly ways, listeners become participants, increase their retention and spread contagious enthusiasm.  Designing a presentation that aligns with how the brain naturally learns ensures success.

Keywords: Seattle 2017, 2017 Seattle Summit

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