Healthy Design Considerations for Tomorrow’s Office, Today

Healthy Design Considerations for Tomorrow’s Office, Today

November 2017

To promote employee health and productivity it is important to design, construct, and operate workplaces with physical and mental well-being in mind. Healthy offices can enhance worker effectiveness, improve attraction and retention of talent, and have a positive impact on the perceived market value of a business. This panel will present evidence to support these claims, focus on how to implement health-promoting offices, and discuss real life examples of successful spaces. They will discuss lighting and material selection, biophilic and active design approaches. This includes specific tenant actions that can be implemented during construction or in ongoing operations. Circadian lighting, and the types of materials used to construct workspaces will be covered. New solutions, such as the mindful MATERIALS initiative, and how programs such as this can work to improve the workplace will be shared.

Keywords: Seattle2017, 2017 Seattle Summit

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