The New Office: Inspiring Innovation and Cultivating Creativity

The New Office: Inspiring Innovation and Cultivating Creativity

November 2017

Creativity and innovation are fuel for performance and success, and today's office is more important than ever in providing environments and technology where discovery, incubation, invention, and creation can thrive. Businesses that effectively harness creativity achieve greater revenue, market share, and growth. Employees who are free to think creatively and solve problems in new ways report more happiness at work. Join this interactive session and participate in a lively dialogue that highlights new research findings from Steelcase about the elements of workplace, experience, and technology as tools for creative work. Using a research-based discussion framework, you will share perspectives, learn from others, and engage with the talent that is part of our CoreNet Global community. Join us to share, to learn, to contribute, and to energize; and leave with great ideas from your peers that you can put into action!

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