Real Estate Master Planning at Merck - Transcending Divisional Boundaries

Real Estate Master Planning at Merck - Transcending Divisional Boundaries

November 2017

Merck is organized into divisions, which are further divided by geography, manufacturing lines, and research phases. Structures like this tend to create impermeable silos in large organizations. Merck created global support functions separating supporting functions from each silo several years ago which led to the formation of Facilities and Global Real Estate Services (GRES). Though Merck made progress in implementing Integrated Facilities Management and developing global management of Real Estate activities, there are often alignment issues between the function and divisions on priorities for capital investment, location strategy and workplace design. In late 2015, GRES kicked off a work stream titled "Work Place and Location Strategy" and under the work stream, created Master Planning teams. These work streams formed teams that included various support functions and Business leaders (Research, Engineers, Marketing leaders) led by Real Estate Strategy professionals. Progress on these Master Planning efforts that include developing Real Estate Strategy and Associated Capital plans will be presented.

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