Coworking - A Corporate Real Estate Perspective

Coworking - A Corporate Real Estate Perspective

November 2017

Changing business priorities and the need to attract talented people, reduce real estate costs, improve speed to innovation and increase productivity are driving corporations to consider different workplace models, including coworking, both on- and off-site. The majority of people working in coworking centers are employees of an organization, versus freelance workers or self-employed entrepreneurs. The impact of coworking spaces on corporate real estate includes providing new uses for older properties and for underutilized spaces in existing facilities. During this session we'll debunk some of the misconceptions about coworking behaviors and explore the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating coworking spaces into your real estate portfolio. We’ll explore how to best leverage coworking spaces to increase employee engagement and adapt to changing business needs.

Keywords: Seattle2017, 2017 Seattle Summit, Co-working

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