Can’t Find Talent, Build It

Can’t Find Talent, Build It

October 2016

Lansing, Michigan is home to almost half of Jackson’s workforce. With continuous growth at Jackson, attracting college graduates is a key area of focus to fill open positions. Through focus groups, Jackson has found that many college graduates do not view the financial services industry as a long term career path which in turn makes it difficult to fill these open positions with bright, young adults. To make things more difficult, since 2008, trends in Michigan show a substantial amount of college graduates choose to leave the state for employment after graduating. Because of these hurdles, Jackson decided to open satellite offices adjacent to Michigan State University and Michigan Tech University to provide part time flexible employment for college students. By hiring these students before they graduate, it is Jackson’s intent that full time jobs would be offered to qualified students upon graduation. Because this employment program started out as a way to introduce students to the financial services industry, one key component to attract talent was to build out innovative spaces in close proximity to college campuses. This in turn drove Jackson’s workplace model into all other offices which has provided a springboard for Jackson to support all working generations.

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, talent, Michigan, employment, Jackson National Life Insurance

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