Moving at the Speed of Business

Moving at the Speed of Business

October 2014

Corporate real estate is more than bricks-and-mortar. Beyond location, logistics, and facilities management, corporate real estate must create solutions and contribute to business success. In fact, corporate real estate has the potential to actually be the solution to a host of competitive business issues. To gain relevancy and a seat at the senior leadership table (and, especially, the ear of the CEO) corporate real estate leaders must broaden their business acumen, demonstrating that they understand the mega-trends of doing business today, as well as how organizations operate, domestically and globally. As one industry insider observed, “In a world that’s more competitive than ever, and with companies focused on cost reduction, cost management, and cost efficiency, corporate real estate needs to show how it can support these objectives in a variety of ways.”

Keywords: Workspace, Outsource, Challenge, Opportunity, Data, Collaboration, Function

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