Extreme Makeover -- Volatile Markets Require Total CRE Transformation

Extreme Makeover -- Volatile Markets Require Total CRE Transformation

September 2012

In 2011, Deutsche Bank executed comprehensive transformation of its CRE function, globally unprecedented in pace across 72 countries and 4000+ sites. Moving from 1,250+ suppliers to 5 global MSA contracts in 7 months, Deutsche Bank achieved greater agility, cost efficiency and service consistency. This interactive session will involve the audience in the identification of risks, mitigations, and encourage them to challenge the speakers on how these or other risks have been managed. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Identify the key success criteria needed to effect large scale CRE supply chain transformation at pace and scale. Describe how a single CRE model is designed to support the business agility demanded by a global corporate occupier operating in 72 countries and with 100,000 staff in a highly regulated industry undergoing significant change. Analyse Deutsche Bank's methodology to industrialise processes and performance management in a diverse global portfolio with multiple service firms. SPEAKERS: Rick Bertasi, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Antonio Ive, CEO, ISS Facility Services Richard Hughes, Johnson Controls

Keywords: London Summit 2012, Deutsche Bank, EMEA, UK, Savings, Cost, ROI, Service Delivery, Vendors, Partners, Change Control, Risk

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