Case Study for Creating Value and Cutting Costs

Case Study for Creating Value and Cutting Costs

October 2009

Regardless of industry, most organizations are feeling the pinch from the financial crisis and the slowing economy. Market conditions are impacting company spending dramatically and many are taking a more cautious stance on capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) allocation. In addition, there is a growing requirement for more deliberate and rigorous financial analytics. In this environment companies are inclined to divert limited capital to focus on top line or revenue-generating business investments while operations investments receive less attention. Optimizing capital asset performance on the operations side often remains a distant runner up to the more glamorous pursuit of top-line growth. Often operations are viewed as a pure cost of doing business. But the reality is, capital asset performance can be a source of value creation and can be a positive contributor to profitability and increased shareholder value. Examples of this can be found in the Case Studies section found later in the document. This white paper examines how organizations can meet the challenges of a down economy by extending capital asset performance, reducing maintenance costs and providing decision support guidelines around capital allocation.

Keywords: Creating Value, Cutting Costs, Capital Asset, Facility Management, Maintenance

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