CoREMarket Indicator - April 2014

CoREMarket Indicator - April 2014

April 2014

So far in 2014, the optimism from the end of 2013's upturn in the economy has continued and the market is delivering on promises made for this year. The figures from the first quarter indicate that the Canadian office and industrial sectors are in excellent condition and will continue to be so for the predictable future. The U.S. corporate real estate (CRE) market has remained strong and is not expected to increase much more this year than it did last year but stability is far from disappointing. In Europe, increased investments in the manufacturing sector and the improvement of the office market in London have led the way to a steady recovery these past few months. The primary markets in Asia Pacific slowed in growth towards the end of 2013 but the emerging markets in the region, such as Malaysia and Vietnam, showed significant progress. So far this year, the CRE industry is performing well and the prediction is that this fortune will continue throughout 2014.

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