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Speaker Resources

Welcome to the CoreNet Global Speaker Resources center where you can learn how to become a better speaker, download any documents needed to speak at current CoreNet Global events, and propose educational content for a future CoreNet Global event.

Getting Started
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Core Club

Getting Started

Making Progress
Gaining Mastery
Core Club and Luminary Award

We recognize our volunteer speakers and moderators from each of our Summits beginning in 2007 as Luminary Award winners. The Luminary Award recognizes the attainment of ‘eminence’ and ‘inspiration’ amongst our speakers and moderators. It is a symbol of excellence, presented to those achieving performance ratings in the top 10% of all moderators and speakers at each Summit. The Luminary Awards will be presented at the next regional Summit.

Speaker Agreement, Commitments and Policies, Speaker Bio, Photo
All speakers are required to review and accept the Speaker Agreement, Commitments and Policies document provided upon submission of his or her proposal. Speakers will be asked to complete a Speaker Bio Form and provide a photo upon request. back to top^

2016 Summit Resources

Asia Pacific Summit - Singapore 21-24 March 2016

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