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Call for Proposals for 2015 CoreNet Global Summits in EMEA and North America

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Call for Proposals

- 14 November 2014
Closed - 23 January 2015


EMEA Summit
16-18 September 2015
London, The Lancaster, Westminster
 North American Summit
18-20 October 2015
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention Center

The 2015 Call for Proposals (EMEA & North America) is now closed.  Thank you for your submissions. Submitters will be contacted by the end of March on the proposal status.

CoreNet Global 2015 educational content is centered on the 2015 Summit Theme: Disruptive Innovation: The Business of Change, which is focused on some of the leading challenges facing corporate real estate today.

Change is constant – and it is fast. Today’s corporate real estate (CRE) executive must confront rapidly changing business conditions, shifting demographics, technology's relentless advance, new emerging markets, collaborative workplaces, worker mobility, workplace wellbeing, intense competition for talent, the imperative for sustainable practices, how to turn around big mistakes into big lessons learned and more.

Regardless of position, industry or geography we are all in the business of change, we are challenged to disrupt, to innovate and respond to an ever-changing set of business dynamics and economic conditions.

CoreNet Global's CRE 2020 research initiative produced a bold statement that positions Enterprise Leadership in our industry: "By 2020, the corporate real estate leader will evolve from a subject matter specialist focused on execution to integrators, change agents & strategists" In other words, CRE leaders are facing a defining challenge “Disrupt or be disrupted".

Your proposal should help the Summit attendees find answers to pressing questions such as:

  • What are the next great disruptors on the horizon?
  • Is disruption and innovation mainly centered on technology?
  • If there was a major paradigm shift in an entire vertical market, how would corporate real estate executives prepare and remain relevant?
  • How can you foster an environment that allows disruption and innovation happen organically and with purpose?
  • Change and disruption alone can create lots of issues, how can you align those efforts with strategic direction?
  • After you embark in this process, how can you measure and demonstrate success?
  • Can innovation be the result of a big mistake? Are errors the ultimate disruptors?

Our plan for 2015 CoreNet Global Summits is to help our members prepare and be ready to respond to those questions, to adopt a strategic posture that is designed to manage disruption, sets them up for innovation, and helps them lead change.

Pushing the Boundaries

We seek proposals that push the traditional boundaries of corporate real estate as CoreNet Global members desire more content outside of CRE-specific case studies / traditional panels.  When submitting your proposal, consider how new insights from other disciplines are linked to real estate concerns, and how those can create new conceptual leaps and radical changes. You are encouraged to share emergent ideas, successes and failures. Think deeply about providing content from colleagues, coworkers or presenters outside of CRE and then helping attendees by contextualizing the content back to the profession. Your proposal should be written in a way that will draw the attention of your peers, spark their imagination and stirs their curiosity to learn from your mistakes and successes making your session a ‘must-attend’ at the Summit.

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