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Call for Proposals

Call for Proposal - 2014 EMEA and North American Global Summits

EMEA Summit 2014 -  Berlin | 15-17 September 2014

Call for Proposal  - Closed thank you for your proposals!

North American Summit 2014 – Washington D.C. | 26-29 October 2014

Call for Proposal -  Closed thank you for your proposals!

2014 Call for Proposals for Berlin & Washington DC are closed. Thank you to Reviewers and Submitters for your support with Summit programming.

2014 Summit Theme: Changing the Conversation from Cost to Value

Enterprises face a more complex set of business dynamics and economic conditions than ever before. Change is constant – and it is fast. Today’s corporate real estate (CRE) executive must confront shifting demographics, technology's relentless advance, new emerging markets, collaborative workplaces, worker mobility, workplace wellbeing, intense competition for talent, the imperative for sustainable practices, and more.

CoreNet Global's CRE 2020 research initiative predicts another major change lies just around the corner. It's one of the next 'kinks' in the massive change curve our industry is experiencing. The bold statement from that research is: "The C Suite conversation will turn from efficiency and cost cutting to effectiveness and value creation."

To help CRE professionals like you place this strategic question in perspective, the paradox of efficiency vs. effectiveness will be the centerpiece of our Global Summit learning experience for 2014. Framing the conversation will be new realities of CRE's future world, starting with the realization that real estate is no longer so much about bricks and mortar as it is about enabling work and engaging employees. And while the focus on cost will never go away completely – ask any CFO – it’s no longer about cost alone. It’s about adding value that supports key success drivers for the business.

Your proposal should help the Summit attendees find answers to pressing questions such as:

  • How can I change the conversation from cost to value at my company?
  • How can I better articulate the many ways in which CRE adds business value beyond cost alone?
  • What new metrics are needed to demonstrate this broader understanding of value?
  • How can I translate those new metrics into actionable business intelligence to bring about closer collaboration and more effective partnerships with business units, HR and IT?
  • Most of all, what can CRE do to be regarded by senior management as a strategic asset that contributes to the success of the corporation?

Additionally your proposal should fit within one of the 8 Summit domains identified in Corporate Real Estate 2020 Research:

  • Enterprise Leadership
  • Location Strategy and the Role of Place
  • Partnering with Key Support Functions
  • Portfolio Optimization and Asset Management
  • Service Delivery and Outsourcing
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Tools
  • Workplace

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