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Call for Proposals for 2016 CoreNet Global Summits

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Call for Proposals

CoreNet Global Summit - APAC
22 - 24 March 2016
The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
CoreNet Global Summit - EMEA
14 - 16 September 2016
Amsterdam - Okura Hotel
CoreNet Global Summit - North America
16 - 19 October 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Convention Center

The 2016 Call for Proposals (EMEA & North America) is now closed.  Thank you for your submissions. Submitters will be contacted early April on the proposal status.

The Bigger Picture: Geopolitics, Economics & the Environment

Geopolitical events, the global economy, sustainability, and advances in technology all influence the way organizations behave. The speed of change accelerates the need for CRE to move faster on a global scale. To thrive, you and your organization need to be agile and dynamic.

Leaders keep the big picture in mind - they have a sound strategic mindset. They have a broad and growing understanding of the trends reshaping the world, an informed point of view on the future and what it means for their organization. Most importantly, they are taking actions today to begin to prepare.

In a world of accelerating change, the biggest risk for leaders is inaction or acting too late. Leaders must seize opportunities to:

  • Build new capabilities and profitable business models
  • Develop greater understanding about markets, internal business clients and the ultimate end consumer
  • Change organizational culture
  • Become true stewards of the environment

The 2016 Summit Theme, The Bigger Picture: Geopolitics, Economics & the Environment, is a call to action. This is your opportunity to share thought leadership on key challenges facing the world and corporate real estate’s proactive response to drive business success.

Your proposal should help the Summit attendees find answers to pressing questions such as:

  1. Geopolitical events can disrupt supply chains and pose risks for your real estate portfolio and your employees. How are you measuring country risk and finding the right balance between risk and reward?
  2. What’s driving environmental performance within your enterprise and within Real Estate? How is it being measured?
  3. What is your strategy for the growing influence of automation and technology on real estate use, design, operations and services?
  4. Has the creation of smart and sustainable cities impacted your portfolio strategy?
  5. As technology advances, so does cyber security concerns. What is Real Estate doing to help prevent, manage and avert cyber security breaches?
  6. Considering the global economy, what is just over the horizon for your enterprise? Where is it headed?
  7. What role does Real Estate play in your company’s overall business continuity plan?
  8. What is Real Estate doing to advance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability agendas?
  9. How is Real Estate helping your company find and retain talent at the enterprise level?

Pushing the Boundaries

We seek proposals that push the traditional boundaries of corporate real estate as CoreNet Global members desire more content outside of CRE-specific case studies / traditional panels. When submitting your proposal, consider some of these thoughts:

  • How new insights from other disciplines are linked to real estate concerns
  • How new insights create new conceptual leaps and radical changes
  • Share emergent ideas, successes, failures and lessons learned
  • Think deeply about providing content from colleagues, coworkers or presenters outside of CRE and then contextualize the content back to the profession
  • Write in a way that will draw the attention of your peers, spark their imagination and stirs their curiosity to learn from your mistakes and successes making your session a 'must-attend' at the Summit.

Game changing trends are redefining our work, lives, societies and planet. Preparing an organization for this future is not an easy task. It means thinking differently, having a point of view on the future and taking action today. We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Key Dates for 2015/2016

Call for Proposal Opens – EMEA & North America Summits November 10, 2015
Call for Proposal Closes – EMEA & North America Summits - CLOSED January 22, 2016
CoreNet Global Summit – APAC Summit (Singapore) March 22-24, 2016
Notifications of Acceptances – EMEA & North America Mid-April, 2016
CoreNet Global Summit - EMEA (Amsterdam)  14-16 September 2016
CoreNet Global Summit - North America (Philadelphia) October 16-19, 2016


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