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Call for Reviewers for 2015 Global Summits in EMEA and North America

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Call for Reviewers
EMEA Summit
16-18 September 2015
London, The Lancaster, Westminster
 North American Summit
18-20 October 2015
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention Center
Global Summit Reviewers Webinar (video)

Instructions for Reviewing Proposals
CoreNet Global seeks reviewers from around the world to evaluate education session proposals for the 2015 Global Summits in EMEA AND North American Summits.

Peer reviewers are critical to ensure the high quality of the Summit education experience by thoughtfully assessing the proposals for exceptional presentations.

CoreNet Global uses peer reviewers to help evaluate content for Global Summits. This process has been used in North America for a number of years and will now be used for our EMEA and APAC Global Summits. There is a strong desire to provide a diverse, global mix of content at each Global Summit, and subject matter experts are needed to carefully review, rate and provide feedback on the proposals.

We invite you to apply to be a Reviewer, to enable us to feature learning that truly reflects our members' interests and needs.

As a Reviewer you will help evaluate the proposals for the breakout sessions. You will be given criteria to evaluate the proposals so that all submissions are consistently and fairly evaluated. All proposals must be evaluated during 2nd – 27th of February 2015.

Proposals submitted for the Summit breakout sessions explore issues pertinent to the corporate real estate industry today and for the future.

Basic Requirements for Reviewers
  • Expertise in corporate real estate
  • Must be a CoreNet Global member
  • Must have attended at least one CoreNet Global Summit
  • Commitment to complete review of all assigned proposals by 27 February deadline
Timeline for the 2015 Global Summits

Date Action
7 November Call for Reviewers Opens
8 December Call for Reviewers Closes
17 December Reviewers Receive Notification of Acceptance
12-13 January Reviewers Webinar (video)
20 January Asia Pacific Reviewers Webinar
2 February Reviewers begin to evaluate the proposals - Instructions (PDF)
27 February Deadline to complete review of all assigned session proposals

Guidelines for Reviewers
  • Reviewers will be invited to a webinar on 12th, 13th or 20th of January to learn how to assess the proposals.
  • All Reviewers must review and accept the Terms & Conditions found at this link.
  • The Global Summit Reviewers will evaluate content for the Summits being held in EMEA and North America in 2015.
  • CoreNet Global will retain ultimate responsibility for the final Summit Breakout Session Program selection.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions for participating as a Global Summit Reviewer:
  1. Conflict of Interest: To avoid any conflict of interest, please disqualify yourself as a reviewer for any specific Submission where
    a.   The submitter is from the same company as yourself or
    b.   You acted or will act as a paid consultant to the company, or will gain some benefit from the project in the submission; or
    c.   You have any affiliation or financial interest in the firm or persons submitting this proposal.
    d.   You have any reason to suspect a conflict of interest.
  2. Confidentiality: All materials shared with Summit Reviewers is confidential to the CoreNet Global Summit staff and to the companies that submit them. They are not to be shared with others. All Summit programming updates to parties outside of the reviewers will be provided officially by CoreNet Global staff.
  3. Review: All Content Submission Reviews will be completed online by the agreed Reviewer only, via the link provided by CoreNet Global within the timeframe outlined above.
  4. Contact with Speakers: Summit Reviewers should not reach out to/make commitments to submitters or potential speakers mentioned in Content Submissions. All communication with Submitters, Speakers and representatives from affiliated companies will be conducted by CoreNet Global staff.
  5. CoreNet Global does not pay stipends to Summit Reviewers. Your valuable contribution will be recognized in a General Session at the Summit.
  6. CoreNet Global reserves the right to use your name, title and company name in pre- and post-Summit marketing materials.

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Senior Director, Content Development

Angelina Mullins
Manager, Global Educational Programming
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