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Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) Seminar Descriptions


Professional designations focused on the strategic management of corporate real estate.
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MCR and MCR.w Seminar Requirements

Candidacy Qualifications 3 yrs CRE experience & Master's Degree
OR 5 yrs CRE experience & Bach Degree
OR 10 yrs CRE experience
same as MCR
Corporate Real Estate Finance
Enterprise Alignment
Real Estate Transactions
same as MCR
btn_elective.gif Pick any 2 electives MCR.w canidates must select the
3 seminars focused on workplace.
Required seminars are marked below.
Participation in the MCR Capstone requires prior completion of three required seminars and one elective seminar. same as MCR
*If you are considering supplementing your existing MCR with the MCR.w please click here for futher information, or contact Kitty Edwards +1 404.589.3249.
MCR Seminars [Click + to expand description]

plus.gif Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Finance
This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of financial analysis and management in a corporate real estate context. Heavy emphasis is placed on case study work to demonstrate concepts, using Microsoft Excel.

plus.gifEnterprise Alignment
"The business of corporate real estate is the business of the business." Knowing the changing business environment, the business's core drivers and processes; and the changing nature of work are the foundation for developing and aligning real estate portfolio and workplace strategies with those of the business.

plus.gifReal Estate (RE) Transactions: Impact on Corporate Financial Statements
Financial statements summarizing the present financial condition of a business are the indisputable starting point for management and investment decisions. Bridging real estate transactions with corporate financial statements, this seminar will show you the importance of understanding the CFO's view of corporate real estate within the framework of financial reporting. This seminar presents the "what, why and how" of financial statements. You will learn how financial statements are used by senior management, financial institutions, investors and shareholders and how real estate transactions impact financial performance measures.
MCR btn_elective.gif and MCR.w Seminars

plus.gif Advanced Lease Analysis
This seminar has been one of our most consistently well-attended and highly-rated for more than a decade. The program provides an in-depth look at commercial leasing and the various (and sometimes very different) objectives of lease clauses when seen through the eyes of the landlord, tenant and legal counsel. The program has been newly revised to emphasize collaborative exercises requiring you to spot, analyze and solve a wide variety of common, advanced situations that arise in real world office, warehouse and industrial and retail leasing

plus.gifAdvanced Real Estate Negotiation
This highly interactive seminar explores the ways that people negotiate to create value and resolve disputes. Designed both to improve understanding of negotiation theory and to build negotiation skills, the seminar integrates negotiation research with experiential learning exercises. This seminar applies proven negotiation strategies, skills, and psychological insights to corporate real estate situations.

plus.gifCreating Corporate Value through Workplace Strategy (MCR.w Required)
This redesigned seminar is the first of three seminars that comprise the new Masters in Corporate Real Estate –Workplace (MCR.w) track (This seminar can be taken as a standalone MCR elective as well). This seminar explores the critical alignment of workplace strategy with business strategy to improve employee performance, foster innovation, and impact the bottom line. Effective corporate real estate management develops workplace strategies that respond to dynamic relationships between physical space, corporate culture, worker expectations, technology innovations, organizational brand and business success.

plus.gifCRE Technology: Structure & Strategies  
In this course, we will examine the role that CRE technologies play in the overall service delivery model, including both a review of traditional systems of record as well as the impact of emerging technologies and evolving work styles on technology infrastructure.

plus.gifDeveloping Workplace & Mobility Strategies  (MCR.w Required)
This redesigned seminar is the second of three seminars that comprise the new Masters in Corporate Real Estate –Workplace (MCR.w) track (This seminar can be taken as a standalone MCR elective as well). This seminar explores tasks at the heart of the workplace strategy process: assessing organizational needs and business processes, developing appropriate strategies to contribute to organizational goals, creating a business case, and establishing an effective project team using internal resources and external service providers.  It also examines mobility and technology issues that influence workplace strategy today.

plus.gifImplementing Workplace Strategies (MCR.w Required)
This NEW seminar can be taken as an SLCR, MCR Elective, or MCR.w Required seminar. To take this seminar for the MCR.w Designation, participants must have completed the two previous Masters in Corporate Real Estate –Workplace (MCR.w) track seminars. This class explores how effective workplace strategists lead change, implement and manage programs, and champion continuous improvement in their organizations.

plus.gif Performance Management
This seminar addresses a broad range of performance management approaches and methodologies leveraged in the Corporate Real Estate arena. The seminar will highlight recent corporate case studies to demonstrate business context, potential application, opportunities and benefits of performance metric tracking across CRE services and capabilities. Technology applications and automated dashboards options that drive efficiencies in gathering the data and compiling the metrics will be explored through live demonstrations.

plus.gif Portfolio Management
Real estate is often the second largest item on the balance sheet of corporate America. While many companies manage individual real estate cost items, few effectively manage the overall portfolio. This seminar provides the corporate real estate practitioner with the skills, methodology, and tools to enhance the value and manage the risk inherent in any large scale portfolio. The seminar is based on a sound financial management approach that takes away the alchemy and grounds the corporate real estate portfolio approach in well-established corporate finance doctrine. It is intended to help you understand how to effectively manage a portfolio of corporate real estate assets.

plus.gif Portfolio Realignment: Restructuring Corporate Real Estate Assets
This seminar is designed to formulate a comprehensive restructuring plan that can be implemented within one’s own company. This plan will create or modify existing RE governance and maintain standardized reporting and financial controls across real estate, collaborative processes and procedures, and other real estate-related functions. Acknowledging unique situations, this seminar provides guidelines to identify the most relevant and impactful opportunities for your company.

plus.gifService Delivery and Outsourcing: Implementing, Managing and Improving Partnerships
This seminar will discuss leading practices for designing a real estate and facilities service delivery model, selecting partners, enabling transition and organizational change and, finally, managing & continuously improving the ongoing relationship. The course will address numerous issues, including what should be handled in-house vs. delivered through outsourcing. The challenges and risks inherent in any service delivery partnership will also be explored. Different service delivery models, relationship management approaches, technology enablement strategies, compensation structures, and performance measurement models will be discussed and debated through lecture and in-class team work. The intent is to provide seminar participants with a roadmap for creating successful partnerships from both the end user and service provider perspective.

plus.gif Sustainable Strategies: Impact on Corporate Real Estate Portfolios
Sustainability presents an unprecedented opportunity to corporate real estate professionals to distinguish themselves as strategic corporate leaders and planners. Whether a corporation seeks to reduce internal expenses, counter public criticism, prepare for impending legislation, increase its market share or simply position itself as an industry leader, the professional who understands sustainability will present an important voice at the table.

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MCR Seminar

plus.gif Leadership and Strategy: Corporate Real Estate Management in Today's Economy
The Capstone is a three-day seminar designed as the culminating experience of the MCR Series. The focus is on corporate real estate management from a holistic, integrated and strategic perspective. Throughout this seminar, participants will draw on knowledge learned from the other MCR seminars coupled with their own practical experience.
Participation in the MCR Capstone requires prior completion of three required seminars and one elective seminar.



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