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2012 Industry Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations 2012 Winner!

Industry excellence is described as a management practice and work process that leads to world-class, superior performance and delivers a desired, measurable and sustained result.

Microsoft and Sprint/CBRE
From Left: Kristine Lea, Microsoft; Charemon Tovar, CBRE; Gene Agee, Sprint Nextel

Microsoft’s experience so far demonstrates that a smart-building solution can be established with an upfront investment of less than 10 percent of annual energy expenditure, with an expected payback period of less than two years. By collecting and analyzing millions of data points (samples) per day, the company has been able to embark on multiple improvements that are reshaping the way its buildings are managed.

The CBRE Site Inspection Mobile App initiative was created by the Sprint/CBRE Innovation Council, which directed CBRE’s Innovation Team to create and deploy a mechanism to enable to a more efficient inspection process. The goal was to use Sprint’s wireless/mobile technology to automate the checklist templates for data collection and solve the issue of having to manually move hundreds of pictures to a database.

2012 Award Judges:
Dennis Blue, Jackson National Life Insurance
Hunter Fleshood, Capital One
Brandon Forde, Studley
Craig Robinson, Cassidy Turley
Craig Youst, Red Hat