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Salute! - The Sweet Taste of Success

SALUTE! 2011 was held on Sunday, 6 November, following the Grand Opening Reception at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta. More than 350 people attended the ticketed event that honored MCR and SLCR Graduates, Top-Rated Faculty and Luminaries, Chapter Awards and the 12th-Annual CoreNet Global – H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award.

Salute! Sweet Taste of Success

2011 MCR Graduates

The Master of Corporate Real Estate designation, known as MCR, conveys superior training, practical experience, professional competence and a high level of industry knowledge.

2011 MCR Graduates
2011 MCR Graduates

2011 SLCR Graduates

The Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate certificate program, referred to as SLCR, is designed to enhance the strategic approach to decision making and expand leadership abilities.

2011 SLCR Graduates
2011 SLCR Graduates

2011 Top-Rated Faculty

This award is given to those who have demonstrated excellence in knowledge, interaction and presentation skills. All faculty members are rated by seminar participants and must have attained a 6.4 average on a 7-point scale during 2011 to receive this honor.

2011 Top-Rated Faculty
2011 Top-Rated Faculty

2011 Luminary Award

The Core Club Luminary Award was created in 2007 to recognize the highest-rated Summit speakers and moderators. The name "Luminary" was chosen because it is defined as a person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others.

2011 Luminary Award winners
2011 Core Club Luminaries

2011 Chapter Awards

The Annual Chapter Awards recognize chapters that exemplify collaboration in any aspect of their operations while actively supporting CoreNet Global's mission, vision and values. The process is meant to promote a chapter's awareness of its own progress and define opportunities for growth and innovative practices that can be shared with and adopted by other chapters.

2011 Small/Medium Chapter Development Award Winner
2011 Small/Medium Chapter Development Award
New Zealand Chapter
More Details

2011 Large/Mega Chapter Development Award - Chicago
2011 Large/Mega Chapter Development Award
Chicago Chapter
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2011 Chapter Membership Award and Chapter Achievme
2011 Chapter Membership Award and Chapter Achievement Award
Carolinas Chapter
Membership Award Details | Achievement Award Details

12th Annual CoreNet Global – H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Award

The 12-annual H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award competition was held for a third year at Emory University in Atlanta, and the "innovators" traveled from across the globe to present a variety of projects to CoreNet Global's selection of valued judges. More about the Global Innovator's Award

2011 Global Innovator's Award Judges and Finalists
Finalists, Sponsors and Judges.
The eight presenting finalists were: CBRE's Labor Analytics Group; Vertical Integration and PwC; Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development; Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, Perkins + Will and Baylor University; Haworth; Jasmax; GSA and Julie Snow Architects; and Greater Dubuque.

2011 Global Innovator's Award Winner
Winner - CBRE's Labor Analytics Group
Kristin Beatty and Rob Marsh accept the Global Innovator's Award for CBRE.