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Issues Advocacy

Advocacy Group

What is the purpose of CoreNet Global Advocacy Focus Group?

CoreNet Global formed it's first-ever Issues Advocacy program in 2012. The CoreNet Global Issues Advocacy Focus group is a member-driven channel to identify and assess various public policy issues and corporate practices impacting the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) profession. The Focus Group is an ad-hoc member panel that scans, identifies, seeks input and articulates positions around issues and practices that CRE executives can influence within and beyond their corporate Sustainabilityenterprises. It is not a lobbying program.

Voice of the CRE Profession

CoreNet Global’s mission is to advance the effectiveness of Corporate Real Estate professionals and the entire industry engaged in delivering value to corporations through the strategic management of corporate real estate and workplace resources.

One of our key objectives toward realizing that mission is for CoreNet Global to strengthen the voice of the CRE profession. Our new issues advocacy program is an important step toward realizing that goal.

Read our position statements to date

Work EnvironmentStatement Profiles

  1.  Comment letter – Lease Accounting Standards

    CoreNet Global files comment letter with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) urging reconsideration of proposed rules regarding lease accounting.

    Read the full press press release.
  2. Quality of Work Environments and Work Experiences

    Enablement of work, engagement of employees and the blending of work and personal lives are now regarded as critical factors determining enterprise success, and have become an important business model based on talent and human capital also linked to quality of life and new ways of measuring productivity.

    ArrowRead the full Work Environment Statement (accessible by members only)
  3. Modern office buildingEnergy Management and Conservation

    Oil price volatility, weak economic growth, increasing government regulation and a growing, formalized commitment to sustainability via the Triple Bottom Line are providing incentives for wider use of alternative energy sources, bolstered by continued conservation efforts including various applications of technology to monitor and reduce consumption.

    ArrowRead the full Energy Management Statement (accessible by members only)


Important Precedent for Corporate Occupiers

CoreNet Global’s added emphasis on issues advocacy sets an important precedent for our industry. That’s because for the first time, corporate occupiers have a unified voice in the public affairs arena to serve the specific views of corporate asset managers as they align with the strategic direction and preferences of their companies.

2013/2014 Focus Group Participants

Special thanks to the following members serving on the CoreNet Global Issues Advocacy Focus Group:

Focus Group Chair

Chris Horblit, President, Fidelity Investments (HQ)

Focus Group Members

Marcus Rayner, Managing Principal, Cresa

Rick Cleveland, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Robin Ronne, Managing Director, CEO Council, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

Angela Cain, CEO, CoreNet Global