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What Is a Community?

Building on the model of Connect. Learn. Grow. Belong., CoreNet Global's Knowledge Communities provide innumerable opportunities for membership enrichment and knowledge creation.

Knowledge Advisory Panel (KAP) for Knowledge Communities

Following the new Board-approved Knowledge Community Model, a Knowledge Advisory Panel (KAP) was formed for each of our five Knowledge Communities (Manufacturing & Industrial, Strategic Facility Management, Strategy & Portfolio Planning, Sustainability and Workplace).

Each of the Communities has been meeting regularly to determine the course of the research agenda for Fiscal Year 2016.  Each of the 5 Knowledge Communities has released new research content that is available in both the Knowledge Center and each of the Knowledge Community microsites listed below. Be on the lookout for a release of the upcoming research agendas and opportunities for both current Community members and non-Community members to engage in these exciting, high-impact research projects. 

Visit the Community's microsite to get involved!
Manufacturing & Industrial (M&I) Community
CoreNet Global's Manufacturing & Industrial (M&I) Community offers access and exposure to an elite group of senior decision makers within the Corporate Real Estate community. Manufacturing and Industrial firms, with real estate portfolios heavily weighted toward production, distribution and similar types of space, often have different real estate issues and drivers than the typical financial services or high-tech firm. That's why CoreNet Global established its Manufacturing & Industrial Community - to provide real estate executives with industrial companies an opportunity for enhanced learning and networking specific to their needs. Logistics, location strategy, surplus property disposition and environmental remediation are just a few of the topics that the Community is addressing. Get involved!
Strategic Facilities Management
Strategic Facilities Management (SFM) is a strategic discipline that provides safe, healthy, reliable and productive work environments which enable the core business to achieve its objectives. It’s much more than cleaning and maintenance, and it’s not all about driving down cost. It’s about maximizing value to the business. The SFM Community provides a platform for professionals in CoreNet Global to carry out research that expands the body of knowledge on SFM and to participate in a peer-to-peer network to connect, learn, grow and belong. Get involved!

Strategy and Portfolio Planning (SPP) Community
Strategy and Portfolio Planning is a multidisciplinary endeavor that is growing in importance to firms worldwide. The Strategy and Portfolio Planning Community intends to help further define the overall domain, address areas of interest via research or collaborative interaction, and become the meeting place (in person or on-line) for Subject Matter Experts to share their experiences and best practices. Get involved!

Sustainability Community
The CoreNet Global (CNG) Sustainability Community promotes the development, introduction and dissemination of industry best practices, guidelines and protocols in an effort to accelerate the adoption and diffusion of sustainable and socially responsible real estate practices. Within the CoreNet Global organization, the Sustainability Community maintains overall responsibility for policies, education, membership, and stakeholder engagement related to sustainability and social responsibility. Get involved!

Workplace Community
The future of work is changing. The way we work today is very different from how we worked even five years ago. If we accept that premise, we may question the role of the workplace in support of these changing expectations. In order to address these changing demands, many professionals are engaged in the active research and support of workplace solutions that squarely address how work occurs within their organizations and how they can best provide solutions that redefine the role of the workplace. The CoreNet Workplace Community is home to these individuals. The WorkPlace Community has content study teams actively researching a wide range of subjects, and the teams report out their findings and post them for comment and discussion. Get involved!
Through your CoreNet Global membership, you have an opportunity to join one of five Communities. Currently the fields of Manufacturing & Industrial, Strategy & Portfolio Planning, Strategic Facilities Management, Sustainability, and Workplace are represented.
Participate locally or globally as your Community hosts seminars, leads industry-affecting research, moderates taskforces and publishes best practices.
Deepen your networking as you connect with colleagues globally. Share experiences that transcend language through Summits, newsletters and the CoreNet Global NetWORK.
Communities offer just that- a group of like minded experts who seek to deepen their professional experiences through exchange, collaboration and education. Engage today!

Staff Contacts
Craig Van Pelt
Director, Knowledge Community Research